Uganda – Magnificent and Surprising

My book shelves seem to spawn new volumes spontaneously whenever I have a new interest. I’ve never been to Africa let alone Bududa village so I had a lot of homework to do. Listed below in no particular order is some of what I learned – some very good things and a few discoveries thatContinue reading “Uganda – Magnificent and Surprising”

Planning for the Uganda Trip

Getting ready for my volunteering adventure is a trip in itself. The first thing I had to do was figure out where Uganda was. I guess I should have paid more attention in Geography class. Uganda is in central Africa on the north shore of Lake Victoria. Many people who apparently know their geography betterContinue reading “Planning for the Uganda Trip”

Volunteering at the Bududa Learning Center

I’m going to Africa!! This blog is my way of sharing the excitement about my upcoming volunteer adventure in Uganda. Many of you have asked about my trip and what I will be doing. This is my attempt to answer your questions and share my discoveries in words and pictures. For about a month, IContinue reading “Volunteering at the Bududa Learning Center”