I have been in Uganda for over two weeks. This is only the second post I have made to my blog. I am disappointed that I have posted so little. This morning I awoke thinking about a video I would like to make about Fauza, one of the students I have met, and I finally understood why I have written so little.

I am overwhelmed!

Uganda can be beautiful, but the sun can be brutal and although it is the Dry Season we have had multiple days of torrential rain. The people of Bududa are the poorest of the poor, but they are welcoming, warm, and proud. Many students live in mud huts with no water or electricity, but many arrive at school wearing clean clothes and a smile.

In America, I would be considered middle class, nowhere close to being rich or even as wealthy as many of my neighbors. But I live in a three-story stone home with two and a half baths, a clothes washer and drying, internet service and multiple TV’s.

The presumption that in two weeks I would understand where I am and who I meet is preposterous. It is a relief to recognize this. A place from which I can make the most of my final ten days, and, with some luck and humility, share with you a little that I have learned.

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7 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. I’m glad you have been able to figure this out, rationalise, etc. Keep a few-words journal and do the work you went there to do. Everything you do with an open heart and positive attitude is a gift, no matter how small. But i think you are not doing small things.


  2. Sometimes an experience, no matter how much thought and prep we gave it, is so unexpected and profound that it defies all categories of vocabulary that worked in the past. I agree with Anne that you should take some notes. They’ll serve you well later on, but right know live it and be present to it all. Don’t force reflection; it will seek you its own time and by then the vocabulary will have been renewed. Your presence and all that you do is a blessing and opportunity for good. Susan


  3. Thank you for the moving post about your experiences there. Your insight, humility, and generosity of labor, time, and spirit are inspiring. I’m looking forward to seeing in in person before too long to hear some stories and see some pictures.


  4. I am surprised you have time & energy to write at all 😃
    I am grateful that you can, though, as I’ve been enjoying reading your posts. Thank you.


    1. Thanks Sandy. Posting my uncertainty helped to relieve the pressure to “get it right.” I am moving forward with what makes sense to me at the time and including lots of pictures to convey the thousands of words that are left out.
      Hard to believe that I only have ten days before I return to the world of plenty more than most people need.


  5. I hope you travel to Karamoja next time you have the chance. We are in the Northeast, not far from Mbale (East) at all. Well, Mbale to Kaabong will take you about 9 hours. Not bad eh?


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