Planning for the Uganda Trip

Getting ready for my volunteering adventure is a trip in itself. The first thing I had to do was figure out where Uganda was. I guess I should have paid more attention in Geography class.

Uganda is in central Africa on the north shore of Lake Victoria. Many people who apparently know their geography better than I have told me what a beautiful country it is. The fruit, especially mangoes, is terrific.

Unfortunately, as I was working on this blog, I saw pictures of the horrible flooding and mudslides that have been happening recently.

Incessant heavy rain across Uganda has led to more flooding and landslides, killing at least 6 people in rain-related incidents since October 30.  4,500 people have been displaced, 950 houses and schools were damaged, as well as roads and bridges.

Flooding and mudslides are frequent events in Uganda. A Landslide in Rubanda Dstrct Nyarurambi Village in 2017 left 15 dead, 14 referred to to the hospital, and 8 people missing.

Homes and villages are often built on steep hillsides where the need for firewood has eliminated most of the trees. The alternating dry and rainy seasons are a natural formula for flash flooding and mudslides.

I will end this short blog here and continue on a lighter note another day.

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Published by Ron Kanter

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One thought on “Planning for the Uganda Trip

  1. Such an exciting opportunity, Ron!
    I’m in awe of your courage to take this on, but also know you’ll get so much back by doing it.


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